Nathan Hodges

Job Title
General Manager
Company Name
Nathan Hodges has worked with over 80 of the world’s most successful marketing organizations, advising on more than 140 different brands and almost 300 different products. He has solved problems, generated ideas and led change for clients as diverse as Coca-Cola, the Ministry of Sound, Remy-Cointreau, Ericsson, Nestle, Sony, British Gas, United Biscuits, Vodafone, the UK Labour Party, Telstra and Qantas.

Nathan was the first marketing director of People Telecom and has won awards for his strategic work with some of the most famous advertising agencies in the world, including BBH and DDB London. His management approach doubled the revenue of the largest account in Australia’s biggest ad agency in just 18 months. With his wife, Nathan recently realised a life-long dream by starting a unique national business – Art Eater – from scratch. The experience has given him (amongst many things) an entrepreneur’s obsession with search optimisation and social media over the last two years. It has also reaffirmed his abiding passion for leading creative, nimble thinking amongst businesses facing change.

As TrinityP3′s General Manager, Nathan applies his knowledge and creativity to the specific challenges of marketing management, with a particular focus on team dynamics and behavioural change. He is an HBDI Practitioner and an experienced facilitator and coach.