William Leach

William green
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The Leach Partnership
The Leach Partnership (TLP) builds value into creative businesses.

Over the ten years the company has been in business it has helped its clients grow significantly, with two agency clients growing tenfold over the period and another client doubling revenues from $6.5-$13.5m in only the last three years.

But the numbers alone don’t tell the story. Robust business planning has been at the heart of these success stories.

Having graduated in Business Studies, Advertising and Marketing, William has always reveled in the business of advertising, focusing on commercial success and building businesses through sound strategic business planning.

William lived and worked in five countries on three continents before settling in Australia in 2002. He has conducted business in over 30 countries worldwide. He has held Managing Director and CEO positions since 1991 when he became the youngest Managing Director in Saatchi & Saatchi’s global network.

William has a track record of building and leading successful companies and has achieved this by becoming an expert in idea based business solutions, managing change and leveraging diversity.